About Paula Gillen

After a very hot year living in Malaysia working on a Fulbright grant I moved to NYC in 1987. I got my start working as a photo researcher at Diversion Magazine (a Hearst - travel and leisure magazine for doctors). After two years I took my rolidex and free-lanced at many of the top cultural publications in the US, including: The New Yorker (4 plus years under Elisabeth Biondi - in the Fiction and other sections) Vanity Fair (4 years), People (2 years), Businessweek (2 years), Time and Time Inc. Custom Publishing (3 plus years) and McGraw-Hill Children’s textbooks (3 years). Crime Beat, ArtNews, Connoisseur magazines and Readers Digest Books were squeezed in there too.  

In 2008 I fell in love with a man who has a very large photo book collection. I was so seduced by pictures that I left NYC and moved to Boulder, CO and learned to like trees. I continue to work as a freelance photo researcher. Things have changed and so have I. Topics that I have tackled since arriving in Boulder include: southern football traditions, civic and constitutional topics, science, paleontology, Colorado water issues, civil war, global warming, Asian animals, travel subjects, race and civil rights history in CO, quonset huts and machine shops of the 1940s. I have located and licensed these images for print and online magazines, books, video, museum, zoo, and national park exhibits. I have a proven track record in being resourceful, creative, self-motivated, efficient and affordable. I continue to add to my skills set, including being fluid in Indesign (book design) Photoshop, Lightroom and other programs.  

Skills: Self directed image research, photo licensing and copyright clearance, writing captions and image optimization for the web, locating public domain images, color correction, and photo retouching.  

Recent Clients:  

Headwaters Magazine - CO Foundation for Water Education 

Center for Civic Education 

Findhorn Press 

Travel and Leisure 

Chico's Clothing 

ECOS Communications 

Studio Tectonic  

Linkwell Health  

Cortina Productions  

Oxmoor House/ Time Home Entertainment Inc.  

Penguin Randomhouse 

Past Clients:  

ForbesLife Mountain Time  

The New Yorker 

Business Week 


Time Inc Custom Publishing 


Vanity Fair 

McGraw-Hll Education 



Contact Paula Gillen at paula@gillenedits.com